This page will help you get started with Kudos Platform. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!


We require successful integration in a Sandbox environment, before provisioning Production access.



The UAT / Testing environment is called Sandbox. If you have not received an email with credentials to Sandbox, please ask for the same.


A product defines the various terms, interest, tenure, etc. In addition to this guide, if you have not received a Postman collection already, please do ask for one. We customize and send it that matches your product.

Product List

Once we review your product and onboard it to your staging, you will find your products via a simple GET /api/products as well as the Postman collection you can download.

Company Code

Required to be passed in every request as company_code

API Bearer Tokens

You will notice that the Postman shared would have an Authorization with a Bearer token.
Staging and Production both have different Bearer tokens. Please refer to the authentication section to learn how to access your tokens.

Personal loan Product

Suited for EMI's and fixed bullet payments.

Credit line Product

Suited where a customer can draw out and close, auto-increase back to a fixed credit limit

Sanctioning the loan

In our world this comprises of two api calls: loan request, and borrower info, sending documents and signing the loan agreement.

Loan Request

A Loan Request is an intent made by a customer for availing a product.

The response of the loan request is primarily 2 main fields that need to be used in all subsequent API's:

   {"kudos_loan_id": ...,
    "kudos_borrower_id": ...,


Borrower Info

To finalize that a borrower is going ahead with the loan, you need to call the borrower info API that takes a few more fields.

Group Id

Do pass the group_id to borrower info field in case you want multiple loans associated together.

loan documents

The loan document API is used to send documents related to the sanctioned loan in base64 encoding.

loan agreement

The esign API is used to get the agreement signed by the borrower.

Repay to borrower VA

When you individually wire back to the designated borrower bank account or UPI

Repay via Payment Gateway

When a payment gateway wires and settles funds back to your designated repayment account.


You will notice that the Posteman shared would have an Authorization with a Bearer token.

Staging and Production both have different Bearer tokens.

To get the respective Bearer Token, go to the Sandbox/Prod link shared with you, enter your user credentials and llick the navigation menu, and Select Product list (https://sandbox.kudosfinance.in/admin/products)

  • Get the Authorization Bearer Token by clicking on the Generate token button

  • Copy the complete token generated to your Authorization header

  • Copy the company_code from your welcome email or clicking the profile icon on the top right of every page.


host: Staging


eg the very first API you maybe hitting would be https://stagingplatformapi.kudosfinance.in/v3/api/products to test the API

host: Production


eg: https://platformapi.kudosfinance.in/v3/api/loanrequest


Please note that the version v3 is considered to be part of the host.
Subsequent documents will not refer to the version eg: /api/loanrequest