Ready UI widgets

UI Widgets refer to pre-built user interfaces that perform common operations directly from the user securely for a specific kudos_loan_id user.

Available UI Widgets

  • aadharkyc - to get aadhar information from the borrower
  • upload - to upload upto various kinds of documents for a borrower
  • esign - preview dynamically generated agreement, send user an OTP to verify and thereby accept terms
  • emandate - to begin emandate process
  • repay - to collect repayment from the borrower

a showcase of commonly used UX patterns for fintech product onboarding


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Pre-requisites for using these widgets are that you need to have already created a kudos_loan_id and a partner_loan_id


UI Widget URL



Please that the {host} prefix used in the following UI documentation, refers to the relevant staging or production API Host which includes the version.


  • aadharkyc
  • upload
  • esign
  • emandate
  • repay

partner loan id hash

sha256 of the partner_loan_id that you have set which is private to you.