UI E-sign

Widget to esign a document

Kudos provides a service that generates various esign functionalities such as previewing an agreement, signing an agreement using OTP, as well as showing the signed agreement.

The agreement gets auto populated based on the parameters sent to us in loanrequest and borrowerinfo.

Based on the data submitted to our API, we generate an agreement that can be

  • esigned via an OTP
  • as well as previewed.


On OTP success, a signed PDF gets autouploaded as a loan agreement. You can also redirect the user to a url of your choice.


OTP screen

Redirect the user / open an iframe / webview to the following URL


For the host see URL docs

Preview screen


Additional querystring options

Use the following querystring

ifokurlredirect to this page when succeeds
ifnotokurlredirect to this page when succeeds
ifokpostdoes a POST with relevant information to the ifokurl

Short url to invite

eg staging => https://kdsf.in/s1/some_kudos_loan_id1/otp1
eg prod    => https://kdsf.in/p1/some_kudos_loan_id2/otp2