To use our service API's, you will need to be onboarded as a customer. You will then receive

  • a company_code (staging and production)
  • integrator services bearer tokens (staging and production) [1]
  • Postman collection (staging and production)

Once a partner (your customer) is onboarded on Kudos, you/they will receive

  • customer company_code (staging and production)
  • customer lending bearer tokens (staging and production) [2]
  • customer lending Postman collection (staging and production) specific to this partner (varies based on personal loan or credit line as well as risk parameters. Riskier products require more data/fields.
  • customer services bearer tokens and services [3] - Postman collection if you want to charge in the customer name - else you can use your own [1].

Lending API lifecycle


First can get familiar with the terminology.

Stage 1 - Loan Application

  • First you will need to create a kudos_loan_id by calling loanrequest and borrowerinfo using customer lending bearer tokens [2]

The arguments to the loan application vary from partner to partner. You will need to take our Postman and render your own UI or call the API accordingly. Riskier products have more fields.

Stage 2 - KYC

Once you have a kudos_loan_id, you can also use the UI widgets ( for

  • document upload OR call the loandocument API directly
  • esign the agreement (includes agreement generation, OTP verification in the UI )
  • completing the emandate
  • Some service API's require a kudos_loan_id, refer to the Postman

Stage 3 - Disbursement

  • once the document is also uploaded, and agreement is signed, you can make wire transfers by calling the imps API
  • Note that this is a service, which means you must use the services bearer token [2] or [3]
  • You can query disbursal status

Stage 4 - Repayment

A repayment can be recorded via one of the three ways

  • Wiring money to the borrower VA
  • or sending a kudos repay link to the borrower that automatically does recon when paid
  • or by using an alternate PG and then notifying us